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SuperPath® is a portal assisted THA approach that accesses the capsule superiorly through the interval between the gluteous medius and piriformis without requiring the cutting of any muscles or tendons. The femur is prepared with the head and neck intact reducing the chance of fracture. The acetabulum is prepared under direct visualization and a cannula facilitates the use of inline instrumentation.

Patient Position 

Familiar Lateral Decubitus position provides maximum laxity of the Hip Capsule.


Skin Incision.

Skin Incision inline with the Femur aligning with the muscle fibers of the Gluteus Maximus.

Soft Tissue Management.

Gluteus muscles, the Piriformis Tendon, and other External Rotators are preserved enabling faster return to function.


Superior Capsulotomy.

Superior Capsulotomy inline with the Skin Incision preserves the integrity of the Hip Capsule.


Femoral Preparation.

Preparation with the Femoral Head and Neck intact shows anatomical version and limits the possibility of calcar fracture.


Acetabular Implantation.

Direct visualization of anatomical landmarks facilitate proper placement of implants.


Shorter Length of Stay    
1,6 days versus 3,2 days

Discharged Home 

91,5% versus 27,3%

66% Lower Post-Discharge Costs

28% Lower In-Hospital Costs

30 Day Readmission Rate

2,3% versus 4,2%