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Intrinsic was founded in February, 2000 with the identification of an unmet clinical need, one fundamental to the surgical care of over one million spinal patients each year. The need was recognized when the mother of the founder suffered a recurrence of sciatica, and associated pain and weakness in her leg, two years after a lumbar discectomy procedure. She was quickly re-operated at the same disc to remove additional material that had re-herniated through her previously ruptured disc. During the reoperation, the surgeon removed nearly all of her remaining disc fearing that otherwise the problem could occur yet again. It was here when the founder realized what surgical dilemma every surgeon is confronted with, as a result of the defect in the anulus: preserving the patient’s disc at the expense of a higher risk of reherniation.

Intrinsic Therapeutics was founded with this mission - improving the outcomes of spine surgery by preserving the disc and preventing recurrent symptoms. The company has since recruited world-renowned surgeons, scientists, clinical advisors and investigators, as well as leading investors in medicine and an unparalleled management team with extensive experience in bringing a revolutionary product like the Barricaid® to market, which is currently the only solution available to treat large anular ruptures in humans.