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The cemented Mueller ll polyethylene cup supports the cemented treatment of the acetabulum.

The Mueller ll Cup, with its wide range of internal and external diameters, covers a very broad scope of indications. To ensure an optimal fit of the cup in the damaged acetabulum, the Müller ll Cup is available with an outer diameter in 2 mm increments. All sizes feature the minimum wall thickness of 6 mm required by code.

The special hemispherical outside contour of this cup permits an optimal cement flow between acetabulum and cup with bone loss. To ensure radiographic visibility, all implants are equipped with a surgical steel ring (ISO 5832-1). The dysplasia versions have an added notch and X-ray pin at their uppermost point. To prevent hip dislocation, the internal contour of the cup in the snap-fit version has been designed so that the connection with the push-on head can be released only with considerable force.

A set of corresponding instruments for use with this particular implant guarantees a safe surgical procedure.

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